Friday Night Dog Fights

How do you spend your Friday nights? Date night with boo?  Girls/Boys night? Kids game night? Maybe its just relaxing at home with a movie alone. Me, I spent this friday night fighting a dog. For 3 hours I have been fighting this dog.  I live in an apartment on the second floor. My bedroom window in right above the backyard of a home next door. They have a horrible little dog. It barks constantly, 6pm, 10pm, 1am, its favorite seems to be precisely at 330 am.  I have honestly been fighting this dog for almost 3 years now. The dog showed up in summer of 2016 but by fall had disappeared. I thought, thank God. In summer of 2017 the dog reappeared in all its barking glory. I was miserable. The dog disappeared again by fall. This summer, 2018, dog is back again, only this time the dog has not left again and its officially fall.

Back in June a lot of new people moved in because of a rent increase. The other day the dog was doing his usual 330 am barking and I heard one of the new people yell shut up! I was so happy. All these years I have felt like no one else hears this dog. I may be sensitive to noise but all this barking bothers no one else? I thought I was crazy. Tonight the dog barked for 30 minutes straight. 1015 to 1045pm. I have been trying to find sounds and apps to get the dog to shut up. Nothing was working and I was at my wits end. What prompted me to write this is at 1045 I actually saw a window shade move in the house of the dog. I was pissed!  You mean you heard this dog, your dog, barking for all this time and did nothing! I continued searching for sounds to make the dog shut up. Some worked I think by fluke some didn’t, I am still searching. Its now 110am and the dog is still at it. On a every 2-3 minute interval. I think I am calling animal control tomorrow.  In meantime, if you have any tips, please do so in the comments. I really need the help.


Complacency – Introvert Intuition 3

Am I being complacent? I have no idea. Am I happy with where I am? not really, is it better than it was? Sure. I wonder if its the reason that it was so much worse is keeping me in the same place now that it slightly better and that’s just one piece of this.

My place of employment is not a great place to be. We finally got raises but at a high cost to support needed to function. The people we have to work with have huge problems. Today, my co-worker vented for almost a hour.  It startled me because I have never seen her this angry. Another co-worker who I have known even longer than the first came to join us. He has been walking around miserable at a level I have never seen from him either. While she vented, I listened and said nothing, partially because I am a good listener but also because I had nothing really to add. Some of the complaints and difference are:

-She has been without electricity working in her area for two days, I have not.

-The higher ups get on her for things, I have not experienced this with them and hope to never

-She has gone to higher ups for help with one client, to which nothing has really taken place

Those are just some of her issues.

Co-worker 2, has a completely different set of issues than her. His include, no electricity for yesterday, no clue if today was the same and not being given the required materials he needs to do his job.

Don’t get me wrong, I have issues with the place too, but not their issues. Mine include better health insurance and better accounting of the 401, because I feel something fishy is going on.

They are both talking about walking. They both seem very serious about this. He even put in a resume yesterday, so where does that leave me? These are the only two people I talk to at my job. They are both making me feel inadequate and complacent. Trust me, I know these feelings are all on me, but they are both so angry and I wonder, why aren’t I? Why am I not at that level? I can’t figure out if it is indeed complacency or is it because I have not faced the same issues they have and feeling like I have no options.

Let me break it down further into the difference between us that I feel contribute to how I feel vs how they feel.

  • Both of them had jobs in our field prior to coming to our current place of employment.  They were better places from what they say, but they had to leave for different reasons.
  • Both of them are naturally extroverted people, they are people’s people, they like to talk and exchange with people. This provides them with connections they’ve made in their prior employment and in life in general
  • Both of them have families. This serves two purposes for these thoughts. 1) They have a higher motivation to get out of a bad situation because they have others to be concerned about 2) They have fall back, if the next job falls through or they take a risk, they have support should it not work out.

Lets break me down

  • I had no job in the field. This is my first. This place hired me when no one else was. Rejection after rejection and they hired me. This place is all I know.
  • As written about before, I am an introvert. I have no connections, no people to help me.
  • I have no family. There is no one to take care of but me and I have no support if something happens. I don’t even have any money for me if something happens.


I mean look at me now. While I’m writing an anonymous blog post to strangers who will probably never see it, I am sure they went home to vent to spouses, brothers, sisters and best friends. I am sharing my thoughts on the web, with no one to call

It sounds a little “excusey” now that I am writing it out, but its how I feel.  I have tried to get other jobs in the field since I have been at this place and still no one has hired me.  I take back what I said about being an excuse in fact because we all know that in most situations its not what you know, but you who know, so where does that leave those of us who know no one?

Perhaps if they both do leave it will give me the push I need to go, but go where when no one will hire me? I want a better situation, I just don’t know how to get it. For now, I wait and see.


Tired of Being Alone – Introvert Intuition 2

Shout out to Al Green. If a song encapsulated how I have been feeling, it’s that song. I am so tired of having to do everything alone. I am responsible for everything and it’s exhausting. Today was the penultimate in a series of things.

As mentioned in a prior post, I am introvert and I also got a new assistant at work. I’ll refer to my old assistant as A1, the new assistant as A2 and the third as A3, oh yes, they changed again. A1 has been my assistant for the past 3 years. We have never had any problems, no tiffs. I have had maybe one or two what I now see as small complaints the past 2 years but nothing major. Meanwhile everyone else at my job was always complaining about the assistants…I now know why. There are 3 types of assistants at my workplace. A1 is the type who asks what needs to be done and does it no complaints. A2 is the type who needs to be told every little thing to do or this person will not do anything. A3 doesn’t ask all the time and just does, this is also a hindrance because sometimes this person messes things up by doing what doesn’t need to be done or doing something the wrong way.  None of these are wrong! but they need to mesh with the person they are assisting.

Yesterday, I started out the day not needing much help at first as I wanted to do part myself so if I messed up this piece of which I had little, there would be no one to blame but me.  There was still plenty that A2 could have done. A2 came to me and said let me know what you need me to do? Which I partially get, but in these beginning stages there is so much to do, I shouldn’t have to tell you to do anything. Take some initiative and start or ask. Minor things like relocating small furniture, pulling things out of storage should be a given. I ended the day not asking A2 for anything as I didn’t feel comfortable out of frustration and feared it would come out wrong. Before the end the day however, I was told A2 would not be my assistant anymore and A3 would. I was happy. A3 is known for being a hard worker at my workplace. No sooner than I found out about this switch, a coworker of mine who now has A1 asked if I would be comfortable taking A1 back and A3 returning to her (coworker had her previously). I said honestly I don’t care, as long as I didn’t have A2 I would be fine as our ways of working just aren’t the same. It’s not either of our decisions anyway, so I assumed this coworker wanted to approach the boss with this. I don’t know if this happened.

A3 comes into my office yesterday and does some minor things but it was late in the day so there wasn’t much time to get things accomplished. Fast forward to this morning. After yesterday, when the coworker said one of the reasons for wanting to switch was that she didn’t have much for A1 to do, I arrive at office and ask A1 to help me empty the closet. This was the plan prior to us finding out we were switching assistants.   A1 says yes, when A1 is done with coworker  and another coworker. Fine I think, I’ll get some help today. I go find A3, thinking ok we can tackle some this morning and hopefully in the afternoon, it will be the 3 of us to finish up. I find A3 in another coworkers office preparing. I am confused. A3 tells me she is helping this coworker and will come to me this afternoon. I am really confused at this point as I didn’t know I was sharing. It’s fine to share. It’s not fine to not be notified. This means from around 730 – 12 noon, I was expecting, almost 5 hours with no assistant.Actually 4, because there was a meeting scheduled in between. Somewhere between 8 and 10am, I find A3 now working in yet another coworkers office. A3 tells me again I’ll be there in the afternoon.  Hours pass, nothing from A1, no A3. I finally start emptying the closet and preparing on my own. Everything must be ready by Thursday and so far I have had no help in 2 days. We’ve been breaking for lunch around 11am. Our meeting happened to be over at 11, so I run to get food, come back, eat and start around 11:30. I make a brief stop in another coworkers office to ask about something, only to find A3 still working in this office. Unbelievable, but I now know what has to happen.  I was on a mission seeing as how I now had 4 hours to get the office completely ready as I would have no access on Wednesday. This all took place on a Tuesday.

I work hard the next 2 and half hours. Really hard. I get everything mostly done. I only have my personal desk to attend to and that can wait. 2 hours before we are scheduled to go home for the day A3 pops up like ta-da I’m here! Say what??!! Record scratch. I am very frustrated at this point and tell A3 I am done and don’t need help. A3 asks why didn’t I wait? Ummm sir, I do not have 6+ hours to sit around and wait for you to show up in the last 2! If it took me a day to do one portion…by myself… and another 6 to finish it… by myself… how do you possibly expect all this to get done in 2 hours and not even 2 as I know A3 is prompt to go home right on clock.  Even at double the people, so lets double the time, that’s still only 4 hours compared to the 6 I did by myself.Mistake I do, but you should never do this! I say its fine, she says no it’s not and I leave it there and go back into my classroom.  Don’t say you’re fine if your not. This applies to coworkers or relationships alike (I’d take caution with supervisors or bosses as they really don’t care if you are fine or not) A3 then says sorry but not really and seems more bothered I didn’t wait. Oh was she bothered I found out later.

I have been working hard for over 2 hours… I’m done. I head to a coworkers office to vent. A3 comes into this office after I had been there around 10 minutes and tells me I HURT their feelings!! You have got to be kidding me. I tell A3 that this was not my intention but how did you honestly expect me to wait that long? What was I suppose to do all day? Twiddle my thumbs while waiting. We get interrupted and that’s that.

This is just a piece in a series of mundane things that are adding up.  I love my alone time, I cherish my alone time, so it’s not really being alone, it’s never having any help. It’s never having someone I can call on for support. It’s never even having someone to vent to who actually cares.  I live alone. I am tired of doing dishes, can’t hope one day so and so will do it, because there is only me. I am tired of vacuuming, mopping, straightening up and washing clothes. I am tired of having to go get the mail. I am tired of taking out the trash. I once read a piece from an author. She spoke of it in passion and said she never takes out the trash, it may have even said took out the trash… as in EVER. It must have been, because it has stuck with me ever since as I wondered how marvelous but also how did she accomplish this? I know there are periods of singledom, so how did she manage then? I have been researching  hiring a cleaning service to help with this.

In the end, it all boils down to me just being tired of having all the responsibility. I need help, big and small. I can manage going to work, paying rent, etc, that’s what I am suppose to do but the mundane is killing me. The bigger picture is too, such as having someone to recap that awesome concert you went to, take you and drop you off at the airport, remember that great ice cream cone you had or simply having someone to come home to and see you off. A neighbor and I left for work yesterday at the same time. As I heard her giggling and saying I love you too repeatedly to someone I could not see, I felt a pang of jealously mixed with happiness that someone was feeling loved this morning.  I feel like because of my introverted nature everyone assumes I’ll be fine. “I can get to her later, she’ll be fine”, “I can swap out her assistant, she’ll be fine”, “I don’t have to help her, because she will do it, she’ll be fine” but the thing is, I am tired, I am not fine.

What happens when you are assigned to work with someone you don’t care for?

Have you ever had someone you were forced to be around and you didn’t quite like them but you didn’t not like them either? This is the predicament I am in. I am having my assistant swapped out (not my choice clearly) for a woman that I do not care for at all. In my brief interactions with her off the years I have discovered that she is

  • petty
  • retaliatory for the slightest perceived affront
  • childish
  • nosy
  • doesn’t do the called for work
  • does as she pleases with no consequences
  • doesn’t follow directions

The list goes on. I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to find my voice to go to my boss and request that this not happen. I would rather have no one than have to deal with her. What would you do?

How often do you update electronics? An ode to my disasters this week. Is Mars Retrograde the culprit?

Mars went retrograde June 26. I know you are thinking here we go with the hocus pocus but not so. I lightly follow astrology but don’t let my life be ruled by it. I discovered this retrograde looking up a daily horoscope and new nothing about it. I read up on it only because the brief information about it said it ruled electronics, engines and whatnot and  I was purchasing a car. I got in signed before retrograde too effect, whew safe. But the rest of the electronics! Sheesh

I don’t update my electronics until absolutely necessary. The problem is, I keep them so long, that by the time I need new ones, the old ones are worth nothing (no trade in value) but it seems wasteful to throw them in trash when they still work just not as well, so I get stuck with them. For example, I still have my first digital camera from 2005!! Yes 5! I got it as a graduation gift. It still works but its super crappy, I leave it in my car as my “need pictures for an accident camera” but the truth is, I forget its there. The times I have been in a accident (none my fault, a reason I got the new car, I feel the old one had bad juju) I used my phone camera for accident pictures.

So what brings all this up? That business trip I wrote about previously and my new phone. I have had my old phone since 2015, still worked fine but my job insists on using GroupMe to communicate important information & it was just too much space on the old phone. I was always having to delete this to put that on temporarily etc. So I finally broke down and got a new phone last month. It’s an LG. I only buy LG phones because they are indestructible. I mean I still have my first LG, still works & still has service with Virgin Mobile (its a back up phone). My new LG, a LG Zone 4 sucks. Can it fit everything I need on this new phone? Yes.  But this phone sucks battery life more than a prostitute on a Saturday night. If I even look at the phone 5 minutes after unplugging it’s already down 1%. I know this phone isn’t going to last me like my previous phones, because of the battery life. I now understand why folks are always needing chargers. This was not my life before and it only takes ok pictures which brings me to my main point, all my pictures came out horrible from my trip.  I have never had such difficulty with electronics in general due to lack of appropriate charging stations my whole trip (thanks Doubletree). When I did have juice, still all the pictures, horrible

They are grainy and blurry and I’m super bummed, like wtf. The phone, since its most new, took the best pictures but it’s a phone so the pictures can’t come out like wow! Even my Ipad Mini 2 which has always been old faithful, came out grainy and blurred.  I know I have had  it since at least 2014. I remember it being the latest model when I got it. I also got it for free from taking surveys so I’m really attached to it. Its always been old reliable…no more.

Pop Culture Break – Stevie J and Faith – A Minute Video

Thoughts as they occurred


  1. E www Faith no what are you doing?
  2. I already feel like it’s 97 and I’m back in high school watching Midnight Love
  3. Uncontrollable laughter at HOW 90’s this whole video is setting up to be, the —talking scene at the beginning, walk away, beat drop
  4. I feel like they looked at each other and said lets do it like this is 96, complete immersion, we are not in 2018 creating this, its 1997, Big just died, its you and me
  5. Under the sheets = 90’s
  6. How we go from eggs to the countertop?
  7. No data proof but I promise the line “your love is so incredible” is in at least 70% of 90’s r&b
  8. Now we have bagels? toast? am I missing an analogy with all the closeups of breakfast food?  He wants to fertilize her eggs? Stick it in the hole in the middle? the bagel?
  9. Woah was that a nipple?
  10.  *rewind* no nipple lots of boob
  11.  Are they underwater now? What in the Rock the Boat is this?
  12. Faith has big boobs
  13. Woah that boob kissing looked a little too real, maybe its just the low cut of her ling ger ree (lingerie)
  14. Why we in the club now? I hate to repeat it but again its like they thought of everything that would happen in a 90’s video and crammed it in. If strippers show up my 90’s theory of this video is true
  15. Strippers showed up
  16. She’s looking at Stevie J call on her phone but all I need to complete this is for that to have been a two way pager with a message showing
  17. Whatever this Rose’ is they are showing needs to be Alize to make this blast from the past complete
  18. more strippers, more underwater, more kissing, the end
I mean I like the song. Sue me. The 90’s was my coming of age time so any nod to it that’s decent, I’m here for. Who knows the 90’s better than one of its biggest producers and singer of the era. I can see myself bopping to this once or twice in the car. These two its just very weird together but if they are happy, go for it, live your life.

What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

Quick post so I stay in the swing of things. I have been away on a business trip the past few days. It allowed for no down time, so no posting. This was a first of many for me.

First Business Trip Ever

First Time with Limited Time Traveling

I like to travel and really aim to become a traveler. I don’t want to always be on the go but I would say my initial goal is to travel every quarter or in other words 4 times a year.

I haven’t been able to go anywhere since early 2017 because I was paying for school. As such, I didn’t think it possible for me until at least late 2018. Surprise of all surprises my job sent me on a quick trip. I never thought in my profession it was possible to go on a work paid for trip. It was a nice time but so not my norm for traveling. I tried to squeeze in as much as possible in my short time. I am exhausted.

I am meticulous planner when I travel. I don’t get my panties in a bunch if my plans dont happen but i do like to have things planned. So i planned for this trip as any other. My time got cut because of a delayed flight but I still made the most of it. I came, I saw, I conquered. So today’s question is, do you plan? or are you a fly by night? Let me know.